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Can I Put a New Tattoo Over the Site of Laser Tattoo Removal?

October 5th, 2016 by Tattoo Removal in Tattoo Removal

If your love for a specific tattoo has faded but your love for body art is still strong, chances are you have thought of getting a tattoo covered up. Not everyone wants to go bigger, brighter and bolder in order to hide their original artwork. The good news is that with laser tattoo removal technology, you can remove or fade either the whole or a section of a tattoo to produce a flawless cover up job.

Depending on the design and colouring of your new tattoo, you may not need to get the entirety of the old one removed. Perhaps you just want to remove the name out of an intricate design you still love or revise an area that did not turn out quite the way you had hoped. A skilled laser technician can work specifically on these areas to either remove or fade them enough to open up your options for the redesign. At the end of it all, it is you that needs to be happy with the finished artwork on your skin. If you have to redesign your ideal image in order to completely hide your ex-boyfriend’s name, chances are you are going to be unhappy with it in the long run. Just not as unhappy as you are with your ex-boyfriend. It is all about perspective, really.

It is important to choose wisely in regard to the type of laser used to remove your tattoo, and this is advice holds true even if you are intending to tattoo over the area again. Scarring can occur when incorrect technology is used to remove a tattoo, rendering the area less easy or even impossible to tattoo. While you can tattoo over certain types of scars, not all scar tissue responds the same way to ink. You may find that tattoos over scarring have less defined edges or require repeat sessions to place enough ink in the skin. One of the risks of not using a Q-Switched Laser to remove tattoos is keloid scarring, which cannot be tattooed over. So choose your laser clinic more wisely than you chose that ex-boyfriend.

Last but not least, it is advisable to wait at least six weeks before tattooing over the site that has undergone laser treatment. Your skin needs time to heal before you subject it to further trauma if you want to have a piece of art you will love for many years to come.