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A Tattoo is created by injecting tattoo ink into the deep-level of skin called the dermis. The ink is suspended in a liquid form in this region.
You need to understand Tattoo Ink to remove it

Tattoo ink is usually a pre-made ink which the artist will mix with other colors and thin as the need arises. There are many different bases for many different colors. Due to the complex nature of the inks used, every tattoo should be considered unique in its composition.
The Tattooist targets the ink into the dermis level of the skin. This is a stable environment and ensures the ink will stay in place. Many home-made tattoos will only sit in the epidermis level which makes these the easiest to remove. With ink in the dermis level of the skin, any form of tattoo removal needs to get through the epidermis area to impact on the ink in the deeper level.
Low standard methods of attempting tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal systems like dermabrasion, cryosurgery and TCA (acid peel) have to remove the epidermis level to get to the ink in the dermis level. It does not work well and a likely outcome is scarring which is worse than the tattoo. From the TCA (acid peel) procedure a new system has been developed which a tattoo gun is injecting a proprietary liquid (this will be an acid) into the dermis area. The theory is that the proprietary liquid will then disperse the ink. As it has an acid base it will also affect the dermis and the epidermis causing even more scarring. This procedure is being sold (through a franchise model) by non-medical companies and should be avoided. This is a dangerous procedure from which we have already seen horrendous outcomes.
What is the best method of tattoo removal?

The gold standard of tattoo removal is clearly the Q-Switch lasers. These lasers have different wavelengths, designed to impact on different colors. The concept is that the wavelength chosen will be attracted by the color being targeted. The wavelength energy will be dispersed into the ink particle which is in a liquid state. It then smashes the ink particle into smaller fragments which your dermis can disperse through the body’s healing process. The machine that we have chosen has the capacity to handle the largest variances of colors possible.
We have also ensured that the spot size is large (width of the beam) which means we don’t miss ink particles. Even more, the procedure is faster.

The spot size (width of beam) of the Q-Switch beam is very important. Another recent development is how the spot size is created. Previously the spot size was made of small circle beams, now the spot size is made up of hexagonal beams. This break-through has removed any gaps that the small circle beam technology had.

We will provide you with the very best outcome that the present technology can deliver. However, due to the nature of how tattoos are created, no present-day system of tattoo removal can achieve 100% removal. An expected outcome should be around 95% ink extraction.