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The first stage of your tattoo removal is a free consultation with one of our trained tattoo removal planners. Their role is to map the road ahead.

With so many variables associated with tattoo removal (including skin type, size of tattoo, colours used and the depth of the tattoo), every tattoo is as unique as their owner.

Your tattoo removal consultant will conduct a skin examination and the information gleaned will be used to set out your plan ahead. This will include the expected cost for removal and the number of procedures needed.

Our clinic nurse will issue you with a take home kit, explaining what needs to be done to prepare for removal.

Your next appointment will be arranged, this may be straight after the initial consultation.

On the day of the procedure you will need to present 15 minutes before your dedicated procedure time. The clinic nurse technician will clean the area (shaving maybe necessary). If the tattoo is in an area of high sensitivity the resident doctor may need to use a local anaesthetic. The laser removal process is very fast. As there is discomfort involved in the procedure the faster we can do it the better. We will also use a cold air-cooling system to numb your skin whilst the procedure is being conducted. Once the procedure has been completed the area will have a general antibiotic cream applied and a bandage will be applied in most cases.

The clinic nurse will then explain to you the aftercare process.

We have had requests to provide the R20 Laser Tattoo Removal system (which travels over the tattoo 4 times in a 2 hour period with a Q-Switch Laser). We consider this to be a non-proven system and not in your best interest. It is definitely not the gold-standard practice that we adhere to.